Please follow the step-by-step guide to install the mirrAR application on your iPad:

Step 1: Connect the iPad to a stable and working internet connection using Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Sign-in on the "App store" on your iPad.

Step 3: Download “Test Flight” application from the App store.

Step 4: Open Safari Browser on your iPad and type the following link in the search bar- then press “Go” and you’ll see the following screen on your iPad.

Step 5: Put your finger on your screen and swipe downwards, you will see a new tab appear on the top of your screen with an option of “Open” in the right corner. Please click on it.

Step 6: Click on “Start Testing”, mirrAR will automatically download and install.

Step 7: Close all apps. Open mirrAR app by clicking on the application icon on the home screen.

Step 8: mirrAR will ask for a username and password. Please type the username and password, provided by mirrAR by StyleDotMe representative. Click on Login.

Step 9: You will see your Jewellery images have started loading in the tray at the bottom of the screen under the tabs 'Earrings' and 'Necklaces'.

Step 10: Click on the 'Show' button present at the left corner of the tray, and let all the Jewellery images load.