Sometimes, Jewellery designs may take long time to load on mirrAR. And the reason is slow speed of Internet connectivity.

One can try connecting to an alternative, faster and stable source of internet.

If you’re unable to find any alternative, faster and stable source of internet, please follow the step-by-step guide to solve this issue:

Step 1: Connect to the internet one time and scroll through the whole inventory so that all the images can load.

Step 2: Once you’ve made sure that all the images have loaded, enable the “Airplane” mode on the iPad.

Now you will be able to the iPad seamlessly, until you restart the mirrAR application. If you’ll restart the mirrAR application, you’ll be required to repeat Steps 1 & 2 again.

Note: Wish List feature will be disabled if you choose to try this method, as Wish List feature requires mirrAR to be connected to a stable source of internet in order to synchronize with the server.